The recipe for any success I’ve enjoyed to date might surprise you: insoluble imagination, aggressive innovation and even courageous integrity together, have not been enough. The will of my hands, head and heart have been harnessed from the kindness of countless other people—mostly black women—who have loved me into being. They believed in me when the odds weren’t favorable; and when the weight of those odds threatened to crush my spirit, they made me believe in myself. The best story I have ever told is my own—and it’s still being written.



“If it seems as if I’m taking issue with poverty - I am. Because I believe that until we eradicate unacceptable sub-standards of living, we demean the dignity of our people, we shirk our collective responsibility, and we deny each other as well as ourselves, the kind of world we deserve - a world in which each, and every one of us has the opportunity to fulfill our God-given potential and the opportunity to live out our God-given destiny.”

Crystal A deGregory, Ph.D.
– University of The Bahamas-North


BLACK HISTORY | A professional historian, Dr. deGregory is a widely-published author on historical subjects ranging from the Civil War and Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter sharing surprising connections between the peoples, continents, and cultures of the African Diaspora.

MISSION AND VISION OF HBCUs | As a two-time HBCU alumna, with two decades of experience as either a student, professor or administrator, Dr. deGregory has advocated for the HBCU story on stages across America at colleges and in corporate spaces as well as in printed pages ranging from the New York Times to TIME.

RACE RELATIONS AND ANTI-RACISM | Candid and thoughtful, Dr. deGregory brings her professional training and life experiences to bear in her public commentary and activism. Whether as the founding director of the award-winning Atwood Institute for Race, Education, and the Democratic Ideal or as an author, speaker or trainer, Dr. deGregory is sure to pack a punch.

GIRLS AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT | No conversation relating to girls and women is too great or too small for Dr. deGregory. Her passion for girl-positive messaging and women’s empowerment employs historic and contemporary storytelling to make the case for upending sexism.

LEADERSHIP AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT | From students to CEOs, Dr. deGregory uses real world realities to offer life lessons with the most critical character trait of good leadership in mind–courage. As the basis from which all greatness abouds, the value of consistent and persistent goodness–she details how to give it, how to get it and how to cultivate it in others.


  • Dr. deGregory speaks with passion and strength. She is a thoughtful and creative collaborator. Crystal is an advocate, with a clear vision for the success of an event, idea, and, most importantly, the people around her. She has an incredible ability to connect the past to the present, highlighting through-lines and the ways historical legacies play out in our contemporary world.

    – Amanda L. Higgins, Ph.D.
    Community Engagement Administrator, Kentucky Historical Society

    Amanda Higgins
  • The Harry T. Burleigh Society knew Dr. Crystal deGregory to be a selfless truth-teller through rigorous scholarship, which is why we invited her to speak at our conference at Carnegie Hall in March 2019. Her presentation on the unjustly under-recognized soprano composer Ella Sheppard left all listeners spellbound with her clarity, grace, and challenge to the archiving practices of the academy. She makes history personal and inspires others to participate in freedom acts for black people everywhere. The Burleigh Society counts it a privilege to call on her expertise.

    – Marti Slaten, Ph.D.
    Executive Director/Co-founder, Harry T. Burleigh Society

    Marti Slaten
  • Dr. Crystal deGregory is a profound and provocative storyteller whose insights on black culture – particularly black higher education and college student activism – have had significant application within our coverage of the fashion space and its rising mandate for greater levels of diversity and inclusion. deGregory’s sharp commentary – clearly the product of years of research and grassroots work – on fashion’s deficiencies in recognizing and inviting the contributions of black artists, producers and influencers as well her advice on effective solutions have been an invaluable resource for Footwear News. And her delivery – with original and thought-provoking context as well as a breadth of historical references and appropriate analyses – have made her a voice for her generation.

    – Sheena Butler
    Senior Business Editor, Footwear News

    Sheena Butler